Components not behaving as expected

Hello! This is the closest category I could find for my issue. I have one file (and one file only) where components with variants aren’t behaving as expected. I drag in a button component from our shared library. There is normally a toggle to turn on/off an icon. But, in this one case, all is see is an “icon:false” dropdown that cannot be switched to “true”.

This only happens when I drag in a component from the assets panel. If I cut and paste directly from the library, then it works as expected. So, now I have two components in my file, from the same library—one works and one doesn’t.

I placed this under “branching” because the file started behaving this way after someone else created a branch of it. But, I’m not sure if that’s what’s causing it, as other files with branches don’t behave the same way.

Thank you!