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Components in assets tab are too small

When we have a lot of similar components, it’s hard to decide which one we need when just glancing at the assets tab. Maybe they could become bigger when hovering over or have a quick preview option?

How is it for you? Do you have a workaround?


Add a description for your component so you can see a tooltip when hovering.

That’s true. The Tooltip helps a bit, but when we are working with a huge library, where there is similar naming - it’s still quite hard to differentiate. Also, some don’t know the actual naming and the only option is to browse through the assets tab.

While I agree the tooltips are helpful, it would be quicker for designers to be able to visually identify the correct component. Having to hover over each tiny component to reach the description is annoying when you have 12 (or more) to look through.

It’s frustrating that expanding the assets pane doesn’t make the components bigger, it actually makes them smaller.

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