Components goes off the screen after being swapped with a variant with a different heights

I have different variants of a component and they are different heights. It will be an overlay on the bottom right of the screen. The issue is when changing the component to a taller one it goes off from the bottom of the screen. I constrained to right and bottom but it doesn’t help. I’m using a card component from my DS so I can’t really use the auto layout. What solution can I have

hey @Roozbeh2 - I think you need to have your design review by our support team. I’m unfortunately not able to do this via the forum, and even in that case, they’d be more knowledgeable. They may see an issue with the variants/components more easily.

Please file a ticket here when you have a moment:

If you can share a edit access to your file with, please do so and indicate you’d done that on the ticket. You won’t be charged for this, and it will help the team review.