Components – A parent button

A client has given me a file but for some reason, they have mis-located the original file and can not give me access to it.

Is there any way of reverse-engineering a parent button with all these attributes back to a component? I do not really want to have to go through and manually do this all over again.

Try pressing the “Go to main component” button in the properties panel. This should take you to the original file. You can then share the link to your client so they can find it.

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 1.13.57 PM

Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 17.30.00

Yeah, that’s the whole problem the client can’t locate the original component. Therefore I am only left with the parent components.

Hmm so the button isn’t taking you to the file, and then giving you the error? It just throws the error in your file?

Does the client have access to your file? If so they could try selecting your component instance and navigating to the main component themself.

I also wonder if you can open the file from the team libraries list (alt+3)

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