Component works well but when I tried in my layout is not working good

Hi people, I have a component Menu that is a variant and when click on the icon, the menu appear.
ISOLATED works well but my problem is when I putted in autolayout with all appear like that.


Here isolated:

Here my Menu:

What i’m doing wrong?

Hi @SoyDiego! check your component resizing, it’s probably is set to Fill vertically and the size of your frame (with auto-layout) is small. So your text is trying to fill that little space vertically while it’s unable to do it horizontally.
Also you could change your parent frame’s resizing as well so it’s bigger (fixed) or hugs whatever is inside)

Thanks for your reply @Farhad_Majidi, I tried all the options.

  • In the container with all the gridcard (my component with problems) I select hug contents
  • In my component gridcard I did the same.
  • Also I select fill content in the group of all my texts (inside the grid) + my button.

Always I receive the same effect :frowning: I don’t know what i’m doing wrong. I’m searching in Google but i can’t find a possible solution :frowning:

Thanks again!

It’s seems to be a resizing issue. There’s just not enough room for your variants.
Could you share your file so I can take a look at it?

Here you have the link, if you need something more, tell me.
Thanks again for your time @Farhad_Majidi

@Dima_Gagarin thanks again for help me in my design and all my questions.
Here the link with all explanation that Dima gave me to fix my problems! :slight_smile:

I hope it helps other people.