Component variant stretches for no reason

When clicking on a component it should change from one variant to another, but instead it weirdly stretches out. I’ve checked constraints and they’re all set to top left, both the entire variant and all instances inside of it. How do I get rid of this? What’s wrong?

Hi @Ida3 , something worth to check:

  • naming of frames ->smart-animate rely on frame names to create the animation;

  • is the field set to “fixed”?

  • Are the elements in an auto layout? if not, are the elements set to the correct contstraint?

Please try to check the following video:

Thank you for the help! But it doesn’t seem to solve it.

  1. I’ve named all the frames and checked that the animation goes to the right one.

  2. I don’t know if you meant it should or should not be set to “fixed” but I’ve tried both with “fixed” and “hug contents”, neither works.

  3. They are in auto layout, all constraints are “top, left”.

Still thank you though for trying to help!