Component Usage Statistics in Figma

I would like to propose the implementation of a feature that provides comprehensive statistics on the usage of components within Figma files.

This feature would offer insights into how frequently a particular component is utilized across different artboards and pages within a file along with detailed information such as usage count, artboard name, page name, and instance count upon selection. (Same on library)

Usage Count: The feature would display the total number of times a specific component is used throughout the entire Figma file. This metric would help designers identify the most commonly used components and prioritize updates or modifications accordingly.

Artboard and Page Name: Alongside the usage count, the feature would provide visibility into the specific artboards and pages where each instance of the component is located. This information would enable designers to quickly locate and navigate to relevant areas of the file for further analysis or editing.

Instance Count on Selection: When a component is selected within the Figma canvas, the feature dynamically displays the number of instances of that component present on the current artboard. This real-time feedback would empower designers to make informed decisions while working on design iterations and updates.

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Hey @guna_desk, thanks for the feedback!

We’ve merged this feature request with a similar, existing topic here in the community. We’ll continue to track feedback there and use votes from the community to prioritize in the future.