Component Properties: Hide Instance Toggle from Panel when Boolean Parent Frame is false


I’m using an extra frame to place my icon properly. It’s needed because with the top left Auto Layout setting the icon and the text aren’t on a horizontal aligned - that’s why I created a frame with 2px padding from the top. I also couldn’t use the center setting because if a text with 2 lines is needed the icon should be placed next to the first line.

Both - icon space frame and the icon - are using the “Show Icon”-Boolean. But if the toggle is turned off the icon instance property is still appearing in the panel.

I think it would be great to hide the properties in the panel when the parent frame is turned off. It would also great to hide more than one instance with one click. Imagine a group with 4 icons could be hidden with one toggle.


You don’t need this “2px” frame to align. Take a look at the new feature “position absolute” on Figma. It will fix your problem.

I tried it with absolute positioning, but it doesn’t work here. The text needs additional left padding, because elements with absolute positioning don’t follow the auto layout anymore. By hiding the icon, the text isn’t moving then.

A way to solve this is an extra frame :slight_smile:

Seconding this. Definitely makes sense to hide props for layers that aren’t visible.

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+1 this should be a common sense thing to include

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Super agree with this!! Would really love a clean variant property panel when certain parts are not visible.

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