Component configurations -> pass on to children components

I have a root component that has all configurations an input box needs.

Based on this component I create Dropdowns, Unit Input, Search fields, Spinners etc. This has the advantage that when I change the border radius on the mother component, it affects all the children. For a highly versatile Design System this is important.

As long as I do not want to pass configurable elements from the mother to the child it’s not a problem: Dropdowns, Searchfields etc. But as soon as you want to have a Unit Input that provides units on both sides, where the Designer can decide (on the childs config UI) where the Unit should be displayed, I have a problem. Sure, the designers can double click themselves to where the adjustments can be made. But: 1. you need to know that you can adjust ist. 2. It’s annoying.

Here is an overview in the file. Maybe this is easier to understand:


P.s. It would be really great to be able to somehow have better visual overview (tree) over the configuration elements. My ASCII Code approach is not much of a solution.

Obviously solved in beta right now. Cool thing. Cooler than the Adobe thing.

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