Compare versions in Version History

Very useful, please add this feature

I tried to workaround this limitation by creating branches and reverting to old versions.

Unfortunately that did not work out.

Also voting for this feature by both hands! This will help to bill the time in the end of the week. Now it takes hours to understand what I worked for during these 5 or 7 days. A lot of history stamps but no evident changes in frames.

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This functionality is available in dev mode > compare changes.
Still it would be nice to add some designer-to-developer communication, for example push changes to “ready for development”, similar to the “publish library function”.

I’m building a tool that takes screenshots everyday, of every Figma file I need changelog, and I can visually compare them with mapbox/pixelmatch. If there is a change I keep the latest screenshot, if not… no.

My only problem is with huge Figma files. I’m getting an error because the request to api takes too long

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Sadly the current implementation of “Compare changes in Dev Mode” leaves a lot to be desired - most fundamentally, it’s far too difficult to see what’s actually changed! :persevere:

Will raise a separate suggestion about this now.

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Any updates? +1

Hey All, thanks for the feedback!

This isn’t on our immediate roadmap, but we’ll pass it onto our team for future consideration.


I hope that will be soon. The community is in dire need for such a feature.