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Compare versions in Version History


I’m looking for a way to see what has changed, in the versioning, when viewing Figma files sent to me. As far as I can tell you can only view old versions and not see what changed between an old version and a current one. It’s particularly difficult to detect changes on files with many pages/boards/wireframes.

It would be great if you could click a version and compare it to the current version with a highlight and greyscale/colour content to easily see what’s new/what’s not.



Would love to have such feature. Especially usefull for developers who get bombared with multiple versions of same design when only a tiny, hard to find details are changed like font size, shade of color etc.

My workaround for now is take screenshot of the last version I worked on and a screenshot of the latest file. Then I paste both of them to Photoshop and set up top layer blending mode to Difference. This will make all changes nicely highlighted.

I’m pretty sure similar feature could be easily implemented in Figma itself. Maybe even a plugin could do that?