Community file is not showing up after update

After several attempts to republish my community file, the file is still not published or showing up on my community page. This is the first time that this bug is happening. Al other resource files are republished correctly and showing up on my page.

I get this icon and message on my file.

Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 06.29.50

It says that my file is unverified. This file already has 13K+ downloads.

My profile Figma (@ideaisall) | Figma Community and the file link that you can find in 2022 community award winners

Is this a bug?

cc: @disco_lu, @chad, @Anthony_DiSpezio

Hi Rusmir, I’m personally not familiar with this but will loop in the team so we can see what this could be.

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Yo @Rusmir_Arnautovic! @chad looped me into this, so I’ve set your file to verified. We have some anti-spam checks on files and your file failed one of those checks. We can’t publicly state what those are, but Chad let me know he’d reach out to you to let you know.


Great. Thanks, Ropgie and Chad. I will remove the link from the description. I have had a lot of spam comments on the file lately from different users and have tried to block them.

A lot of them contained also links to different websites.

Much love :smiley:

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Hey @Rogie_King, thanks for sharing some of the details about checking files for spam. Could you also answer what to do and where to contact other users if they also encounter this problem?

In the recent past, we noticed an uptick in spammy accounts publishing Figma files that are for the sole purpose of links/links in comments. In efforts to flag those, we’ve begun scanning files on publish for spammy behavior. While I can’t share all of our rules there, I can say that url shorteners are on the list of potential red flags, as well as coarse language.

We’re always learning and adjusting these rules, but if you ever know of any one that is publishing a legit file and it’s flagged like Rusmir’s file above, feel free to reach out to Figma support.

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