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Commit Selected Changes when Publishing Library

Often times there are minor changes to components of our design system that are necessary for designers to move forward with their work, but we have a few design system designers working on other changes within the same file. The Auto-save is constantly updating the file so that when it’s time to publish the fix for the designers, all of the other changes come along with it—even if they might not be ready to be deployed. I understand that designers can cherry-pick which things to update, but in reality, most aren’t going to go through one-by-one and see if it breaks their design.

I’d love to be able to check which updates I’m publishing (similar to staging changes/committing changes with git). Then if there are non-breaking changes, but critical blockers for designers, I can publish those and not the rest of the library updates.

One blocker from this would be the way the publishing modal is designed—right now you simply see ‘Changed,’ which doesn’t help me a ton, especially if I’m using nested components. I wish there was a better description of what the changes were.

This is a terrible example, but hopefully, my point is clear.

Am I overthinking this? Is anyone else running into this same issue or have better process management?


Or a checkbox to the left of all changed components (default to all selected) where you can uncheck components that you don’t want published.

I’m guessing that the reason we don’t have this yet is that if there are dependent components, it would be difficult to communicate.


Yes! I actually was thinking that same way when I created the mockup above, but it looked a bit clunky without me having to do some rearranging of the content—I’ll leave that to the Figma Design Team :slight_smile:. I agree with all being pushed by default—making the ‘stash changes’ more intentional (and probably a less common action).

And yeah, the dependencies and vagueness of what’s been changed in the UI today would make this hard to implement effectively.


We are finding this is a problem. When multiple team members are making changes to the Design System, we need to all finish our work to publish the changes made. Our current hack is to make edits to a detached copy of the component, then migrate the changes and immediately publish (before someone else makes any changes). A checkbox to select which components to publish would be welcomed.

i have begun the habit of adding the hide component “_” to all of my in progress components so they don’t get published until i need them. but this is a work around and i have to remember to remove the underscore when i’m ready to publish. has there been any movement on this idea?

Looks like this will be resolved with today’s update! :tada: :confetti_ball:



:sparkles: Released! :sparkles:

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