Comments - Mark all as read in file

I think we should have a button that marks all the comments as read for that user, as we have under the notification panel from the home screen.

It really bugs me to see the red dot in the comments button and then click on each comment to mark them as read.

What do you guys think?


Totaly agree @Remus_Baltariu.
I’ve been on parental leave for a while. And can’t get rid of the red dot other than reading all messages.

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Most people don’t enjoy red badges. I certainly don’t.

Some Figma files that I work in have many, many comments that are unrelated to me, yet I still need to go through each one to remove the red badge on the comments icon.

It should be possible to mark all comments as read, to make this process less tedious and distracting. Forgive me if it already is!


I totally agree with it.

Same issue here, I think I’ll have to live with this red dot forever… :cry:

The only way you could do this is by going to the homepage of your Figma app, opening the notification pane, and there you’ll have a Read all button.
There’s no other way, just this, which affects all the projects, not just a particular one.