Comments linked to multiple points

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I’d like to leave a comment that links to multiple points on the Figma workspace.

Currently, one comment is linked to one location (marked by the little comment icon). Often, I would like to leave a comment that references multiple locations, such as:

“These text blocks are not using the correct type styles”

This comment would then link to multiple locations on the page where type styles are used incorrectly.

Additionally, it would be nice to have the comment icon change to other things besides the quote bubble. For instance, if I am commenting on the spacing of an item, such as:

“The spacing here is too narrow”

It would be nice to have a little horizontal or vertical spacing indicator show up to clarify what type of spacing I’m referring to. Something like this: |----| or the same thing but vertically

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Does anyone else find themselves wanting to leave comments that are anchored to multiple locations or have span/bracket icons or generally have different icons for different types of comments?

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