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Comments functionality: The architecture is flawed

Figma Comments can contain complex feedback for copy edits and design changes. The moment you switch tools to make an edit in response to a comment, comments are hidden, both the notifications / comments sidebar and the modal/popover.

This is an awful experience.

Comments should:

  • Have the option of being hidden or persistently displayed for a given page, regardless of tool selected
  • Not be thought of on the same level as a tool that selects, modifies creates elements; Comments are a critique, not an auto layout, component, frame, oval, rectangle, text block or line
  • Not distract the designer, but act as an aid to the designer—currently they force a context switching that slows slows down design workflow…


  • Move the comment bubble icon that is currently next to the hand tool to the top right of the tool bar to separate it from the design tools, similar to how new comments are handled as notifications when logging in to Figma… No need for modal comment boxes, just keep the comments as a toggled sidebar; the designer can toggle them off or on as needed, when off, the comment bubbles on the canvas are hidden. If they are shown, they remain shown no matter what a designer is doing.

Community, am I doing it wrong? Am I crazy?


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