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Comments are constantly visible now and that's annoying

While I’m editing, I can see the comment bubbles floating around. That’s annoying when you’re trying to focus on editing. And god forbid if there is an icon getting covered b the comment bubble. It’s so disorienting to work with it.


You can press shift-C to hide them but I do agree that it’s annoying that they’re displayed each time you open a file. I then thought it might be useful so you’d know that there were comments, but then realized there could be a better for that as an alert as opposed to always just showing all comments each time.


Thank you!

Can someone explain - I can’t actually see the comment bubbles unless I click on the menu item. I’m trying to make them visible to non-designers I’m linking the page to.

When I do shift-C, I see the toast saying comments are visible/hidden, but nothing else happens.

Ah maybe I just don’t have this feature yet :frowning: Just saw a tweet from the figma account saying they’re still rolling this out over the next few weeks, as of Nov 17

This is the same issue I’m having. I can only see comments when I click on the comment bubble in the top menu bar, and then as soon as I click away (to the pointer, for example), the comments disappear. I want them to remain visible. Shift + C does nothing except tell me comments are hidden or visible, but nothing really happens. Have you found a fix?

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The new comments design is nice, but the comments are now always visible. The only way to turn them off is to go to comments mode, go to the comments setting in the comments panel, and set Hide Comments – unless you learn the obscure keyboard shortcut to hide them.

What makes this worse is this is not an application preference – it’s a file preference! I have to do this on every file?!

Please, I don’t want to look at comment bubbles while I’m drawing UI. It’s distracting.

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Yep, this is annoying and feels like a bug. I can toggle comments on and off (shift+c or the View menu) but refresh the page and they’re right back there, front and center.

Does anyone else find that showing the comment bubbles by default annoying?
If yes, please upvote this post.

If Figma still wants to have this option, they could at least have setting allowing us to turn this feature on / off.

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It happened a few times where SHIFT-C to toggle comments visible/hidden does nothing. It shows the snack bar confirming the action, but comments don’t appear or disappear (mostly don’t appear I think). If I reload the page, they appear again.

I also had a case where in comment mode (mouse pointer = chat bubble), when I clicked somewhere on the canvas no comment was dropped. Again, back to normal after page reload.

Finally, is it normal that in Preview mode I don’t see the comments that were added on the canvas?

New comment redesign is great but it is so annoying seeing comments floating all over the places even tho we are not on the comment tab

Does anyone experience the same issue?

  1. Currently in the new update of the comments in Figma it shows all the time and is very disruptive to the design process.

  2. Comments should only show on the comments area, if not at least should be a way to hide them as we could before.

I don’t mind the comments being visible, what bothers me is that I click on resolve but the comments still show as unread and unresolved.

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I agree! It is fine for the designers to learn the shift+C shortcut. But we have several development teams, and we can’t expect the developers to learn all the shortcuts in Figma. Some of our sketches have many comments which totally obscure the sketches now. Obviously we can resolve the comments to remove them, but that takes time. As a minimum you should make it possible to show/hide the comments through clicking the comments button in the top bar, instead of having the “secret” of pressing shift+C only to hide them.