Comment markers in the wrong position on carousel


I have a full desktop homepage designed on Figma.

The top of the homepage contains an image carousel that uses auto layout and prototyping so that the carousel slides to the chosen slide. Everything works well, except when it comes to my colleagues commenting on the prototype.
When commenting on of the slides, the comment goes in the wrong position, disregarding the fact that user has scrolled to the next slide and the comment assumes that the user is still on the first slide.

This is a very frustrating issue and can’t find a solution anywhere. Any help at all?

If you comment on a top-level frame, component, or group, Figma will attach your comment to that object. Comments won’t attach to any nested frames, so I don’t think it’s possible to customize the position of the comments on your image carousel.

Thanks for your response.
So how do I possibly get my team to comment on the correct slide and have an animated carousel at the same time? There’s absolutely no work-around?

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