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Combining Presentation View with Prototype View

Is there a way to combining the presentation view and prototype view… eh, it’s actually the same view, with or without prototype interactions.

I often want to use the to view modes at the same time. Some frames I just want to showcase by easily navigate trough them by using the keyboard arrows (Presentation View) but in some special frames I want to show some more specific interactions (Prototype View). But then… all the frames without connections disappears because they don’t have interactions. Why can’t I do both. It’s time-consuming and annoying to make connections between a lot of frames just because of a small amount of frames needs interactions.

Please say that I just missed some detail and this actually is possible :slight_smile:

I feel your pain. I don’t think there is a solution. Someone else asked a similar question, there were some answers on how to work around this:

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