Combining a Shape

I want to make a eclipse fit into the edge of the rectangle as some what not a full eclipse but more half in the edge. But the remaining part of the eclipse goes out and I don’t know how to clear that. I try and hide it with some rectangles and pencil . If done Send to Back total eclipse was gone. Please any easy tips for me

Hi @Indra_Sekar if your shape is inside a frame you could check Clip Content in the right panel. By doing so, anything outside your frame won’t be visible.
Alternatively you could create another shape and use it as mask (right-click–>Use as mask)

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Yeah. Thanks for answering @Farhad_Majidi but mine is not a frame and making the eclipse as a mask removes all other elements … Making my screen blank and the eclipse part is visible…

Rectangle - not a frame
Eclipse - has to be in top right corner but not full… You know what I mean

The eclipse shouldn’t be the mask. Duplicate your rectangle and group it with your eclipse, then use the duplicated rectangle as mask.
Although I think it’d be best to go with (frame’s) Clip Content. It’s a lot more flexible