Colour shade of the whole project varies in different devices

Hi friends, I have created a UI for a calculator app and the colours used in are the shades of violet. When I exported at 2x to a png, in desktop it was normal while sending it to mobiles the colour I see in mobile is dark pink (which is) completely different to the actual one.

Here is the pic of my problem.

And :point_up:This is from a mobile.

I chose violet and it shows dark pink.

Is there any solution for this.

Can’t see the difference in color if you only show us one of the screens. Probably just color inaccuracy between the screens, or some color filter such as eye strain / night mode on either. You should try some other devices.

As Figma restricts only one photo here is the other one from desktop.

That is very different, indeed. Does this happen with all your design files?

Yes, as you see the frame I used is Android-small. I tried with Android large and iPhone 13 frames too with same colour pattern, still it continues. The worst part is only the violet colours are turning to dark pink other colours (like green, blue, red) are same as they were.

May be the problem is only with violet colour, I haven’t tried with other colours.

Can you share the design so that I can have a look?

Sure Bro

:point_up: From Laptop

:point_up: From Mobile

Sorry, I should have been more clear. I was wondering if you can share the actual design file from the Figma application. As in share the link, so I can test it myself.

Looking at these pictures though, it looks like your phone screen just have more vibrant color reproduction.

Here is the file of the whole calculator project


On all my devices it looks consistent with how it looks on your phone. I’m fairly certain that your laptop have bad color accuracy, or some color filter or setting activated. It’s unrelated to Figma.

Ok thanks a lot bro. But, I have shared it to all my friends, it looks violet in desktops and pink in mobiles for them too.