Colors doubled their visibility in Local Styles

In my local styles the colors multiplied from one day to the next. I now have several colors of the same name listed. I tried renaming to see if they really duplicated, but somehow they all get the same name. It’s like Figma’s UI shows me a single color listed multiple times in the sidebar and in the color search as well. How can I resolve to only see one color of each like before? Because if I delete it, it deletes all of the same name.

Has anyone been through this before?

Figma Desktop App version 116.7.6

Hi Rodrigo, thanks for flagging this. The engineers are working to resolve this problem — for now we’d suggest you do not delete duplicate styles which could prevent their repairs from working as expected. If you can use the ‘?’ in Figma to ‘Contact support’ and report a bug we’ll be able to share more information there. Thanks!