Colorpicker - Escape button not responding

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    It appears when I tape the ‘Esc’ button on Mac in the Figma app when in ‘Colorpicker’ mode or in Chat mode, ‘Esc’ it is not responding as it use to. e.g. tap ‘esc’ and whatever mode or tool I’m in would be escaped to take me back to the typical ‘move’ cursor mode.

I believe I’ve noticed this when using keyboard shortcuts when dealing with swapping component icons too. This typically worked beforehand so not sure what has changed as I haven’t installed any additional plugin that may have caused this issue.

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    I can provide screenshots of said tools/areas in Figma if it helps. However not use it would reflect what I experience.

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    Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?

To anyone who has experience the same issue. Seems like it’s persistent to anyone on a newer MacBook Pro who is on 12.1 OS or above and has Siri turned on. I’m on 12.2, disabled and turned off Siri and straight away my escape button works again across all apps.

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