Color tokens appearing duplicated in the color styles panel?

We’ve got 3 color themes in our org identically structured. One of the themes is acting up and displaying duplicates of some specific tokens. In addition, the order of the tokens has also been affected again, only in this library. In the attached screenshots you’ll see that the same tokens for the green theme and purple theme are as expected. But for the pink theme, they’re duplicated. In the library file itself, there is no duplication. Any clue to resolving this issue?

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Did you find the solution?

I also have the same problem here.

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Using my owns components, my color styles are multiplying little by little…
Probably is a bug. How can I merge them and don’t lose the color applicated?

Thank you

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yea, it’s an global issue, but what’s the solution?

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Hi, Every One.

Among the colors and font styles registered in Figma, two specific styles are displayed. However, if you adjust the two style values, the design using the style will all change. There is an error that two of the same style exist. Also, if you delete one of the two styles, editing of the other style becomes impossible.

This error is the same for both web and application.

I’m using macbook m1 pro.

Hi. :slight_smile:

I have the same Problems with increasing color styles while working.
If I delete one of the styles, editing of the other style becomes impossible,
After that, select a section or group of multi-color object,
‘Selection Color’ panel can’t show the color style which I deleted.

I think it happened after the recent update.
If someone have a solution, plz let me know. :sob:

I’m having the same issue! I cannot edit some of my colors. I have also noticed that if I have an object highlighted and I click a color style to apply to it, the color changes, but it only shows up as the hex code in the right side men, not as the labeled color style.

Also, has anyone else noticed multiple duplications of certain colors in their color styles? I’ve had 8 or so of the same color show up for just a couple of them and not all of them can be edited. The one left cannot be edited. If anyone figures this out, I’d love to hear the solution! I’ve been trying to figure it out for 2 days now.

Hey All,

Our team has identified an issue where styles were getting duplicated when you detach an instance of a shared component (i.e. from another file) that uses a local style (i.e. from this file) as an override. This should now be resolved and you should see no further unexpected style generations after refreshing your file.

The engineers are now working on a new backend tool to automatically remove the duplicate styles created by this incident, and correctly assign the original style to any elements using a duplicate. They are expecting to have this work complete in the coming weeks.

We sincerely apologize for the problems we understand this issue may have case. Please let us know if you have any follow up questions.

Hey there - I’m experiencing this problem and it’s become quite severe.

As I’m trying to make changes to styles, I now have multiple styles with the same name, but different hex values.

Hey @Dan_Hoolahan,

Sorry to hear this is happening! Please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help: