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Color style name for borders in Inspect panel

If we apply a color style to the border of an element, the name of the color style would not show in Inspect panel for the border. It is very frustrating for developers with view access only as they will need to manually check the palettes.
Given the color style name shows for background, this is a strong inconsistency that really affects the workflow experience.

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Just came across this and assumed it was a bug. Bizarre to include the color name for fills but not strokes. What gives?

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it’s just weird and it’s also weird that even this post didn’t get much attention like people just ignore it. Very painful for devs who don’t have an editor seat, they just can’t tell which color the border is set up to use.

+1 to that! We need this, too.

For now, I suggest using code from below, but it would be great for devs to see this style name in the place that you pointed out.