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Color Inconsistencies

The color across objects (line connectors, text, shapes, stickies) is not consistently one red or one blue, etc. Lines in black are actually gray but text in black is black. The red and orange variations are really odd, a red rectangle is more orange and an orange rectangle is like a yellow/orange. This might seem insignificant but not have true black/gray/white color consistencies when wireframing is a huge setback. When creating information flow diagrams, not having consistent colors across shapes and lines is incredibly annoying because people will ask if they’re different colors intentionally. I do love the limitations on the colors, I just need them to be consistent!

Hey there Sydney, this is actually expected behavior and by design. The different colors are used so that objects can be layered on top of each other. Here’s a similar thread: Red color is not red, it's orange - #16 by Josh

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