Collaboration from China and Europe

I have researched if Figma is accessible from China and found out it is but there is a potential risk of latency. But I would like some real examples of how this works in practice, anyone in the community that can share their experiences? Does it work? Are there a lot of latency etc?
Also have anyone experience with having teams both in Europe and China together sharing files and collaborating? Does this work?
Thank you for input!

Hi there!

I’m a designer working from China. By latency, I assume you mean if it “lags” while using Figma. I don’t experience any lag so far. From opening files to doing my daily design work to collaborating with others – it’s been working pretty smoothly.

I work with a remote team, and we have not faced any difficulty collaborating inside of Figma. However most of my colleagues are based in Asia, so it may be worth checking with others who work with teams in Europe.

Hope this helps!

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