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Collaborating with third party vendors

Good afternoon,

Was wondering how to structure engagement with a design/development vendor we are using here as our Agency continues to grow. Here’s the scenario: we are small but growing and with that growth we need to farm out some of our work to other vendors. One of those vendors is an actual company that has designers and developers and the other vendors will be (we have yet to hire them) will be individual contractors that will work on an ‘as project’ basis.

How do we structure it so that the design/dev company can access only some of our projects with their 2 or 3 designers/developers. Do we have to pay for each of those designers to be on a project (when it might only last for 3-4 months) and do we add them to the “Agency Team”? Looks like if we add to “Agency Team” they will be able to see all of our stuff. Does the design/dev company have their own license and we just add that username/email to our project? Will that incur a cost for us as well (essentially double dipping on your end)?

For the external contractors… do we just add their email address to a project (or file) and pay for them monthly?

@Josh :thinking: