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Cloning a librairy and how to point to this new librairy?

I have a librairy A and a file A that uses this Librairy A.
I cloned Librairy A into Librairy B
I cloned File A into File B
I published Librairy B and I linked File B to Librairy B.
Or I noticed that all the components that I already used in File B are still pointing to Librairy A ( when I click on the button “Go to main component in Librairy” , it takes me to librairy A) .
How Can I changed this link to Librairy B ( Librairy B is a clone of Librairy A so all the components have the same name ) , is there a way to do it ? a change of config or Bulk change ?

There is no way to do it quickly. At the moment you can only relink components manually, and Master plugin can help you automate this process a bit, as described in this and this posts.