Clip content breaks regular mask

Hello all,

I’m not sure whether if this is a bug or not so I’ll start asking here.

I’m doing a rather complex masking and having trouble getting it done. So in a nutshell I’m trying to nest masks to show an half filled gauge.

I know trying to describe visual bugs with texts are generally very ineffective way so I’ve also prepared this figma file with the problem that I’m having.

So basically when I try to apply a content clip within a masked stack of layers, the masking gets broken for any other layers after the content clipped layer.

ps/tip: if you wonder why there’s a wrapper at the top level of the container, because I want the grey lines container to fill vertically and there’s no way to do that unless it’s in a auto layout frame. And if I’m not using a container layer, wrapper layer would literally stack everything (including the mask) on top of each other. I know, it’s hamburger of layers :confused:

pss: if you have a better solution, would love to hear

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