Clients/Employees are unable to view the "Share" link for prototypes

In the past few weeks I have been unable to share my preview links with clients or internal copywriters. They tell me that they just see the Figma loading screen and it gets stuck with the loading bar. I have experienced this as well recently where I was unable to get the preview links to load and had to restart my browser multiple times.

Love your software but we need to be able to reliably share prototypes with 3rd parties for comments. Can you please assist?

Hey @Cody_Larson, thank you for reaching out!

Have you received any Memory alerts or errors?

If possible can you provide a direct link to the file here, and invite with “can edit” permission (from the file’s share settings) so I can take a look at it? This will not count towards your billing at all.

The most common reason for prototype performance issues is the file’s memory limitations. At the moment, the workaround for prototypes not loading or loading with problems is to reduce the overall memory of the Figma file. This should help with any prototypes, regardless of the device or operating systems. Tips on reducing memory can be found here: Reduce memory usage in files.