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Client handoff. The components are still linked to our organisation's Library

Hi there, I have shared 2 separate files with the client. A file with design screens & Design System file with all the master components. I thought that they would be linked together when imported in another organisation, but the components are still linked to our organisation’s library. The swap library option is not available. Any advice?

What do you mean by swap library option isn’t available? When they publish the copy of the library, they would be able to swap components to it.

Yes, they can choose to toogle on the published copy of the library and use its components in new files or pages. But the main library it uses doesn’t seam to have the ‘Swap library’ button, and the components keep linking to our library.

What do you mean by that?

You have two files: Library A and File A. File A uses components from Library A. Now if you duplicate these, you get Library B and File B, where File B still uses components from Library A. Publish Library B. Now you just need to open File B, go to Libraries menu, find Library A in it, choose swap library and swap to Library B.

Thank you! I have previously watched the exact video and made a successfull trail library swap in the organisation’s account. The swap option didn’t work from clients perspective. Will try & look at it again and come back if the problem persists.

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