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Clicking to sensitive about objects close by

I love Figma, but there is one thing driving me completely crazy and that is Figmas “over sensitivity” to object close to where I’m clicking. It’s as if the application assumes I’m clumsy / don’t have the precision to click where I want to.

A few examples:

  • Dubble clicking a text to edit it keeps marking the whole textbox instead of marking the word / text because I’m close to the edge. Sometimes I’m working mode so zoomed out that it’s impossible to dubble click to mark without zooming in.

  • When items are close together and one is on top of the other it’s sometimes impossible to mark the item in the background even though I clearly click or bubble click outside of the foreground object.

This is one of those small frustrations that kill the flow and creativity for me.

I’m using the desktop app for mac.

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