Clicking on comment broke the preview

I would like to report a bug. In prototype in comment mode clicking on comment in the right panel will black out whole prototype and only way to show it back is to reload the prototype.

How to reproduce:

  1. Open any prototype
  2. Switch to comment mode by clicking on speech bubble in left top corner
  3. Click on any comment in the right panel with all comments

What should happen:
The selected comment should pop up in front of the screen.

What will happen instead:
The whole prototype goes instantly black, the “blackness” persists even after switching the comment mode off. The only solution how to restore the prototype is to reload the page.

Tested on macOS Ventura 13.3 in browsers Chrome (latest), Edge (latest) and Brave (latest) on two different machines.

I’m not able to reproduce that (both windows and mac). Does the frame size matter? Do you have the same issue within a fresh file? Do you have the same issue with the figma application?

Hi Denis, thank you for reaching to me. Sorry for my mistake, it seems to be browser and file related. I can constantly reproduce the issue only on Brave and only on one file. Chrome, Edge and figma app behave correctly and new file in Brave behaves also correctly, I can’t reproduce the issue over there. I think it may be related to the position of the comment. When the issue happens, in web console it starts rapidly firing the same error “ Uncaught Error: The comment 2D sliding window has gotten into an invalid state”

I understand that Brave has low market share, I am comfortable with using figma app instead, where the issue is not present :slight_smile:

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