Clicking button within overlay, goal is to open new overlay and close old one

I have a manually placed overlay with a button. Upon click of that button, I want to open a centered overlay and close the original overlay. I can’t figure out how to do this. Currently I’m able to open a new overlay from that button, but the old overlay stays open beneath it.

Hi @Don2,

  1. The first button opens an overlay on click (manual placed).
  2. In the overlay you have a button to open another overlay. The actions to assign are, first “close overlay” and second “open overlay 2” (centered).

Open the first overlay (manual placed)

Close the overlay and then open the new overlay

Close the overlay to start over

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Wow, thank you for this Edwart. I didn’t realize that you can add two actions to the same "On click). This is a huge help!

Yes!!! Thank you! Didn’t realize this either.