Click event doesn't work on interactive component with hover event

If you have an interactive component with build-in while-hovering event, the click event on the instance of that component will not work.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a component with two variants (A and B)
  2. Add a ‘while hovering’ event on variant A to variant B
  3. Add a component instance of variant A to a new frame
  4. Add a click event on the component instance (e.g. go to a new frame)
  5. Play the prototype and observe that the click event is ignored

I suspect that this is because part of the click event (mouse down) is fired on instance A, while the second part of the event is fired on instance B (mouse up)?


Hey How are you?
friend, I have the same issue, did you fixed it?

Having the same issue.

It still isn’t fixed for click actions per se, but see here for a work-around until it does get fixed.

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