Choose which changes to accept/ignore

In a branch, I need to be able to say “accept this change, but ignore that change.” But the site says:

Note: It’s currently not possible to choose which changes from the main file you want to apply, so you’ll need to receive all updates.

I really hope updating this is a priority. Sometimes I’m working on a component and I need to look at another component for reference, but when I’m done with my work I can’t accept the merge if it means sending that other component back in a changed state (which I swear Figma thinks a component has changed if I so much as think about it, but that’s a separate issue). I need to be able to see a list of the changed things and select what goes, like developers do. Like this:

Select which changed items to merge:
[ ] → Text Area
[ ] → Radio 
[x] → MVP
[x] → Wireframe

The following changes will be merged: MVP, Wireframe

All-or-nothing makes this is very hard to use - it means I have to be hyper-focused on only exactly what I need to change, because if I stray just the littlest bit I’ll have to merge things that I don’t want changed. Has anyone figured out a workaround for this, or know whether or not this is a fix in Figma’s future?


This would likely do better as a “Share Feedback” post so it can be voted on for implementation.

I’ll do that, but to be honest I put it here because I feel invisible in the Share Feedback forum. Feels like my suggestions are too narrow (they’re all about design systems) so they inevitably go unnoticed and then are closed after 30 days. My hope was here it might at least spark a discussion.

For sure, you’ve got my vote for what’s it worth.

I struggle with this as well. Same use case, we have a design system file with many components in it. For unknown reasons Figma thinks I have edited a component that I wasn’t working on, in that situation I just want to discard those ‘changes’ and merge the ones I know I have made. I actually think sometimes when you update from the main file it sometimes thinks that’s an update in the branch file. Not sure but sometimes seems like that.

Being able to discard some changes on merge would be amazingly helpful. At the moment I often create a new branch, copy changes over, discard the old branch and then merge.

I often create a new branch, copy changes over, discard the old branch and then merge.

That’s how I’ve used it too a few times. Another thing I’ve done is if I need to go in and look at some component - one I don’t want Figma to think has changed - I’ll open a branch, do what I need to the component, then delete the branch. The only safe way to inspect a component like this is inside a throwaway branch, a burner - which isn’t the best use of components or branches, but it works and is necessary.

This is such a needed sub-feature to increase the overall usability of the branch feature as a whole.

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