Children of Frame returned an empty array, but visible in console

Hi, I am new to Figma API

The Scene tree (screenshot) looks like this, my goal it to select all nodes named Cell
I have tried

  • Double forEach, first iteration returned the Frame nodes alright, but not the Frame’s children…so second iteration only got back an empty array
  • Also tried findAll (node => === "Cell "), nothing returned

However, they are accessible from console window (screenshot). Not sure where i did wrong

(post deleted by author)

Answering my findAll part of the question, turns out I should put

const cell = figma.createFrame(); = 'Cell';

before await figma.loadFontAsync(text.fontName); otherwise the cell name will still be ‘Frame’. So the search works, I think the forEach also has something to do with Async createText(), still not sure why.

answer my own question again, double forEach works :thinking: I don’t know why it’s not working eariler.

const allSelect = () =>{
    const selection = [];
    const mainFrame = figma.currentPage.findAll((node) => === 'Mainframe-'+ id);  
    mainFrame[0].children.forEach ((node) => {
        node.children.forEach((child) => {
            if ( = 'Cell') {
    } );
    return selection;