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Changing the Organization Name

While upgrading from Pro to an Organization our IT Director mistyped the proper organization name. Is there a way to adjust the name of our organization?

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We want to change organization name, but we didn’t find how to set this. Could you please tell us how to adjust the name of our organization?

I can’t say with certainty, as the help center doesn’t specify this, but maybe it is possible to change the name of the organization in Admin settings? Or try right-clicking on the organization’s name in the left sidebar.

I tried, but we didn’t change. Admin settings or right-clicking on the organization’s name couldn’t change name.

Hi! I’m trying to do the same - does anyone know how to change name of an organization?

You could need to connect support team They can help you change it.

Same here. During the signup process they ask for a ‘complete name’ and a ‘short name’. Once the Org account is setup, it only displays the ‘short name’ on the Admin Dashboard and no settings option to change it. You can only change the avatar… Sending an email to admin support.