Changing multiple interaction animations at once

Not for the first time, I’ve carefully linked all my interactions only to realize that they inherited an animation I used early on and forgot to reset for the next interaction I created. I’ve got several dozen interactions wired at this point, and after how much of a pain it was to set them up I dread the thought of going back through them, one by one, just to change the animation to what I want.

Surely there’s a better way to do this? Or a plugin that solves this problem? Generally I like Figma, but this is one of several “gotchas” I’ve run into that make it a bear to use for large-scale or more complex prototypes.


Agreed! Im doing something that is exclusively for iPad and i need to select “mouse up” otherwise it wont work - its a HUUUUUGE pain to do all of it one by one… It would be awesome to have a way to say “move all interactions from “click” to “mouse up””


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