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Changing Interactive components interactions

Hai. I’m wondering if interactive components could have different interactions on certain pages?

So here’s the context:

  1. I made 3 apply buttons on my design and make them interactive components.
  2. On the main variants, i make first button to change to second button while hovering, and third button to change to 1st button & navigate to page X on click.
  3. On page Y i put the apply button and i want the third button to navigate to a different page (not page X).
    the question:
    is it possible to do such things? i look for this on internet but couldn’t find any tutorials related to my issue. most of them are only using the components to change from 1 variant to another, not pages.


If the have a icomp button that goes normal (while hovering)-> hover (mouse down)-> pressed then create an instance and set the event (click) → open link (url) the hovering button part works and the click will go to the URL you set on the component when you set for each instance. You have to use mouse down event to change the button state so the top level click does not intercept the click even from the hover state.

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