Changing color style live does not update in the prototype

I have multiple screens linked to different color styles. I open the prototype with those screens and I want to change one specific color style LIVE that will automatically update to the new color.
It updates correctly on my artboard but does not on the prototype (or weirdly, only one item updates its color).

I double checked and yes, the color I want to change are linked to the right color styles. I tried restarting Figma, Cleared the cache and database but nothing seemed to fix it.

Do you guys have any idea?


Let’s try using different devices and see if still happening

If you don’t have any other, share the link with us and we will check if its wrong color or right.

Also let us know which is which :smiley:

Edit: I just remembered, Are you using browser or App? test the App for sure

Hi @SohrabNiroo,
Thanks for the fast answer. I’ve been using the app only :slight_smile:
I also tried with other devices but I do have the same issue.

I unfortunately can not share the project as it’s confidential…
Do you need any other information ?

Your welcome @CHEVILLOTTE_Thomas

Figma sometimes lose it on large files :smiley:

You can try this to see if works
!!Important note!!


  • First make a backup


Create a new style and change its name / choose target color for the style/ click on empty area / Select All layers ( Ctrl + A ) / On right panel find and click Show Selection Colors / find the style you want to change color / Change to the new style you created.

It’s not a definite solution but it might work on your situation

Ps note: Sorry if I explain it in detail, I know your a pro, But I put this way if newcommers saw it, it may help them.

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