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Changing attribute in variant resets overrides inside

Hey everyone! :slight_smile: It seems like a bug and I believe I’m not the only one, who faced it.

There are:
Component1 - child (variants)
Component2 - parent (variants) includes copies of Component1
Copies of Component2 with overrides in Component1 (fill & variant attribute)

When you change the variant attribute of Component2, Figma partially resets overrides in Component1 copies. As a user, I expect to keep all overrides…

(Also tested when Component1 was not a variant)

Playground (see instructions) :

I wouldn’t say that it’s predictable behavior, especially strange the fact, that it resets only the first 14 embedded overrides. I’ve already sent this issue to support about 2 weeks ago, but there is no answer.

I hope for your help. Thanks!

Fortunately, I’ve found the reason.

All instances of child component inside of the parent component had the same names. When I renamed each instance to something like “comp-01”, “comp-02”, “comp-03”, and so on… overrides were preserved while changing the variant of the parent component.