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Changing any text property enlarges the numbered list font size

When copying and pasting text boxes that contain the new numbered list, the numbers themselves will become extremely large if the line is empty or if the text property of any part of that line is modified. This makes bolding/underlining/coloring specific words in a numbered list impossible, especially when working with a structured text box that will be reused.

[Consistency & steps to reproduce]
This happens consistently but only after the original text box has been created for a period of time which I am yet able to measure.
E.g. I have a text box with a numbered list within it, leave it for a period of time, come back and copy and paste the text box, and the issue occurs. The pasted text box will have enlarged numbers in the list if any text property is modified.
*Note that the issue does not occur if you create a new text box each time, but that would be extremely inefficient wouldn’t it?


This is happening in the desktop application. Windows 10.