Changes to Designs During Dev Delivery

Hello. We are a team finally making the switch to Figma (woohoo) and are just speaking with development teams about delivering files via Figma. Once something is delivered, the hope is that nothing in the design would change, but at large organizations, things happen. Our development wanted to know if Figma helps with informing people of changes beyond just noting the version history. A notification, perhaps? Curious what other teams have done to conquer the dreaded “change after delivery” issue and if Figma has any features to help with that.

Hello Kate!
Oh, I know the things happen part. :face_holding_back_tears:

We have tried many solutions to this and the best one happened to be a daily Teams meeting with the devs and going through all the changes.

You may also want to try:

  1. Adding comments on the changed parts and mentioning people responsible for project management
  2. Adding Changelog widgets above the changed frame with a short message of what was changed, removed etc.

The goal is not to become a full-time archivist. :sweat_smile: