changes in Figma usage

My lead designer uses a grouping system rather than auto layout. I’d apply auto layout to a screen, and the lead would separate it into several levels. She kind of just doesn’t want to learn it because she believes using separate pieces is simpler. This results in less-than-pixel-perfect patterns, but she doesn’t seem to mind much. When she’s involved, I mostly limit myself to working with individual layers, but that generally complicates my workflow.

Additionally, I’m a junior designer who is new to the industry, so this is a little odd for me. Advice

Ask your lead designer why their way is better. If you don’t think it is, convince them why your way is better. If you can’t, just follow their design rules. They are the lead after all. Every team/company have different design rules, and part of your job is to adhere to them. Usually, consistency within the team is more important than the individual’s performance.

I can relate your situation. In the past, I also had colleagues who didn’t care about pixel perfection, components, auto layout, and so on. They were horrible to work with, but I never changed the way I was working because I knew that using all those features was obviously the right way to go.

Since you’re a junior designer, I imagine it’s hard to argue with your head designer about this but there’s a huge list with benefits.

I wonder what your other colleagues (designers, developers, testers) think about it?

In our agency, my colleagues are very happy to see a well organized and pixel perfect Figma project. How should they know the spacing if it would not be pixel perfect? It’s our job to define what sizes, spacings etc a component should have.

If you can’t convince her, I would try to convince others so she’s under pressure and needs to learn to work with auto layout.