Change x or y position on variant interaction

Hello Everyone how are we today?
Well i’ve been getting more into prototyping and i have one HUGE doubt, in XD its posible for the diferent states of the componenet to change for example the Y or X position of the component in a hover (2 pixles, 4, or dunno), im wondering if theres a way to do this in figma when im creating the interactions inside the variants
Would love if you guyz have a workaround or a solution and thats it, thanks a lot!

Yes this is possible with a few techniques. Are you looking to keep the buttons centered as they grow, or just expand from the top edge? Or are you actually trying to offset the button on hover?

Hi there trhanks for your help, i just want to move them 2 px up or down nothing else (maybe yes only offset them)

Got it. Here’s a sample Figma file you can duplicate to your drafts. The key is to contain each button in a frame with clipping turned off, so you can animate the offset.

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I would have NEVER thought that solution ur amazing!!! love u :smiley:

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