"Change to" should be able to change other assets than the one tapped

I’m not sure when or if this is coming at some point, but it would be really nice if you provided an if / then style set of logic for changing other assets in a frame than just the item clicked. I tried in my case getting around it by using an overlay for a footer that was supposed to change based on a set of checkbox selections, but it doesn’t allow click through as far as I can tell to continue to click on assets on the frame behind/outside the overlay. If you could give either option that would make a world of difference for making flexible prototypes. I’ll continue to have to make a linear flow or make some spidery 20 frame mess to give a little flexibility to it. Loving using Figma altogether & prototyping is getting pretty good, but you could definitely do some competitor research looking over at Protopie :wink: I would just use that, but I like autolayout too much to pass up most of the time!

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