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Change the design of the "Back to files" menu option to make it less invisible

I’m new to Figma and spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get back to the “file browser”… only, I didn’t know it’s called the “file browser” so I had no search term to try and google it. I just happened to find the term stated in the content of a search I did do. I was searching things like “access figma dashboard” (bunch of content on designing dashboards not on operating Figma)… and all manner of other searches to no avail. I looked in the drop down menu repeatedly and never saw “Back to files” it is basically invisible where it is located and with not background color to offset it there is no way a new user is gonna see that. I litteraly felt nausious like I was gonna throw up - I was pissed! How in the hell could it be so hard to get out of a file and back to the “whatever it’s called when you don’t know what it’s called” - grrr!!!


The “Back to files” feature in the drop down menu can not be located if you don’t know where it is. Mainly, no one thinks it would be the first item at the top of the list (it’s not intuitive). But also (and just as important) its too close to the toolbar - no space between - and it has no different background color to set it off from other items in the menu.

If you’re going to keep it at the top of the menu list then please put some beefy padding around that bitch; and, be a sweetheart, and give it a nice bright background color that’s unique to set it off from the rest of the items in the list.