Change between variables modes in prototyping

I’m trying to animate a small example that changes the mode of the color variables I have between dark mode and light mode, but the button just doesn’t work, what am I doing wrong? Is there a need to have some pattern between the names of the variables in the colors or something like that?

Hi there! This looks odd, it should work. Not sure which root cause may be :thinking:
Can you double check if you have followed the steps as explained in this help center article: Let me know if this helps. Thanks!

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now it’s working! I believe it was because the page theme was set to “Light”, so it didn’t change. I put it in “Auto” and now it worked in the test file. Thanks!

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Ah great! Glad to hear you have found a fix. Thanks for letting me know, I’ve gone ahead to mark as solved , and closed the topic! :slight_smile: